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SN 3499

This is a strong, honest condition, early Athens production Cook & Brother two band rifle.  The barrel and lock assembly have a light to medium patination.  The brasses are nice and even in coloration.  The wood looks like it is actually cherry, which has a little different graining pattern than walnut.  It is dark with a reddish undertone with minor dents and dings.  This gun is completely original with two parts that are original Cook but taken from other rifles during the period of use.  The hammer screw is original Cook but has a different number than the lock assembly.  The front barrel band is original Cook but is from a gun in an earlier serial number range.  These additions are no doubt due to the efforts of unit armorers to salvage damaged guns and keep the rest in the field and operating.  The lock is clearly marked with the First National Confederate flag behind the hammer and Cook & Brother, Athens, GA 1863 in front of the hammer.  The barrel is marked behind the rear sight, Cook & Brother over Athens, GA 1863 over the serial number 3499.  The left rear of the barrel has the "PROVED" mark stamped up side down, which is correct .  The barrel shows twists and metal flaws, which were present when it was made.  The front and rear sites are original and intact.  The breech plug and barrel have matching sub-assembly numbers on the bottom.  Although the bore is still a little dirty, rifling is clearly evident.  The lock assembly has completely matching  subassembly numbers.  The lock plate, hammer, the internal lock screws, sear, bridle and tumbler all have matching sub-assembly numbers.  As pointed out earlier, the hammer screw has a different sub-assembly number.  The tang screw and both lock plate screws are correctly serial numbered to the gun and are original.  The rear barrel band also has matching numbers.  There is very little burn out behind the nipple in the stock.  This is an early Athens production gun and as such, was made in the New Orleans configuration, possibly from left over New Orleans production parts.  The trigger guard is  two piece, exactly like the New Orleans trigger guard.  The rear swivel on this gun is also original and configured exactly like the New Orleans rear swivel.  Later in Athens production, they adopted a one piece trigger guard with a boss for mounting the rear swivel which was integral to the casting.  A really nice, authentic example of the early Athens production Cook Rifle.  As Cooks go, a solid, intact 1863 production gun is relatively hard to come by.   SOLD!!