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This is a superb condition Colt 1860 Shoulder Stock for an early fluted cylinder army.  This stock is really nice.  It is for a gun that was serial number 1226 which is an early fluted cylinder model.  It is in military finish.  It has no silver plating and the wood is oil finished instead of varnish finished.  The screws and the hasp still retain the original Colt bluing.  The brass has a very nice mellow patina, which is a little darker than our photographs reveal.  The stock, with the exception of a few minor dents, is like new.  All the components are original and have matching serial numbers.  The butt plate, the yoke and the hasp are all stamped with the correct serial number.  The wood has the serial number in India ink in two places, underneath the butt plate and underneath the yoke.  This is correct.  If you look close, you will see that there is a tiny U.S. stamped on the left side of the yoke above the hasp.  There is also a tiny U.S. stamped on top of the butt plate.  This die is about the same size as the US stamp on a Colt Navy frame.  When I purchased this stock, I realized that I had seen this before.  I have the brass yoke for a Colt Dragoon that has had the front portion of it cut off, probably after it broke.  It has been in my junk box for nearly thirty years.  It has the same US stamped in the same place as this stock.  I believe this U.S. stamp is original, this stock is absolutely untouched and has not been fiddled around with.  I don't necessarily believe U.S. Ordnance bought this stock.  It could be that Colt prepared some early Armies in military finish in an attempt to entice US Ordnance to purchase them.  If anybody has any knowledge of this, I'd like to hear from you.  The gun that went with this stock would also have been in military finish.  There would have been no silver plating on the trigger guard or back strap, the grips would have been in an oil finish and the bluing would have been the dull military blue.  I have contacted Colt in an attempt to letter this, but they don't have this serial number in their computer database and they apparently don't want to look back through the old ledgers to search for it, which might produce a result but would be a long shot.  It's a shame, because I think this is a significant piece.  The stock is also in a serial number range of 160 Fluted Armies with 80 stocks which were shipped to Natchez, Mississippi.  I know of Fluted Armies which have lettered to Natchez, Mississippi just before this serial number and just after this serial number.  SOLD!!