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Based on the records I have, this gun appears to be an unrecorded number.  It is out of the woods and is a great example of a rare Confederate Dance Revolver.  Only five hundred Dances were made in East Columbia and Anderson, Texas during the Civil War.  It has all matching numbers to include back strap, trigger guard, frame, hammer, cylinder, barrel, loading lever plunger, barrel wedge and cylinder pin.  It has a nice, smooth, uncleaned patination.  You will notice in our profile shot that it has the thin trigger guard typical of early production Dances.  You will also notice a brass splice on the left side of the flat recoil shield.  This is not a repair, it is factory.  If they had a flaw in a piece of metal, they would dovetail a splice in, brass weld it in place and machine it to shape.  The trigger guard has broken clean off, just in front of the forward trigger guard post.  It broke along a line of some very serious casting flaws (bubbles in the casting).  The nipples are still intact in the cylinder and the safety pins are still showing all the way around the back.  The action works quite nicely.  The trigger guard partially covers the frame serial number.  The consecutive number to this gun, number 46, if fully pictured in Gary Wiggins book "Dance & Brothers."  It also has the thin trigger guard which partially obstructs the serial number on the frame.  All of the screws on this gun are finished flush with the frame and barrel except the plunger screw.  Serial number 46 has exactly the same characteristics.  The really fascinating part of this gun is the enlarged boss at the end of the barrel, where the sight and barrel catch are affixed.  Flipped me out when I saw this and I initially thought it was unprecedented for a Dance.  I was wrong.  There is a gun pictured on page 69 of Bill Gary's book "Confederate Revolvers" which has a similar boss or band at the end of the barrel.  It is as right and righteous as anything could ever be.  Very rare variation and very nice to look at.  SOLD!!