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This is a wonderfully made English flintlock dueling pistol.  It is agent marked on the lock "V. Libeau."  The barrel is marked London, is in approximately 60 caliber, 8 1/2 inches in length with one gold and one platinum line at the patent breech.  This gun probably dates to 1825 to 1830 and has been converted to percussion with the use if a drum and nipple.  The gun is basically in a very smooth, uncleaned, attic condition with exceptionally nice wood.  The lock function is perfect and it has a set trigger.  While dueling pistol may be a good way to describe it, the fact that it was converted to percussion would indicate to me that it continued in use past the flintlock era as a belt pistol. 

Who V. Libeau was is a little bit confusing.  There was a Valentine Libeau in Cincinnati, OH. during the 1825 to 1829 period.  There was also a V.G.W. Libeau in New Orleans from 1832 to 1847.  I strongly suspect they are the same man.  This gun is a typical English made gun, during the 1820-1830 time frame.  The London mark on top of the barrel would have been a sign of quality and the dealer mark on the lock would have announced who sold it.  This gun could have easily been imported and sold by Libeau while he was in Cincinnati or New Orleans.  In any case, it is an English made pistol with an American agent marking which had a presence somewhere along the Ohio or Mississippi Rivers at a time when our country was beginning to expand in earnest.  It is in very nice condition and no doubt quite historic.  $1,750.00.

ADDITIONAL INFO:  I have continued to study the origins of this gun and am now convinced it is an early product sold by Libeau in New Orleans.  He started his operation in New Orleans around 1832, which is just about the exact date this gun was made.  First, there are no examples of guns sold and agent marked by Libeau with Cincinnati, Ohio markings on the barrel.  No guns that I know of have ever turned up that would indicate they were sold by Libeau in Cincinnati.  However, there are any number of guns marked exactly like this one V. LIBEAU on the lockplate and New Orleans on the barrel.  The lock plate markings on the Libeau pistols, agent marked in New Orleans, are very consistent with this one.  Further, the New Orleans marked guns have an alfa/numeric number stamped on the bottom of the barrel in addition to a serial number.  This gun has the exact same markings.  I don't think there is any doubt that this is an early New Orleans gun, agent marked and sold by Libeau.