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SN D602 (1863)

This is a Civil War Era Whitworth Rifle manufactured in early 1863.  It is unbelievably rare and so far outside the norm, it is hard to believe.  The gun bears 26 bore proofs, which is 57 caliber.  The bore is the classic Whitworth fast turn polygonal and in .57 caliber.  The barrel is 39 inches in length, which is rare for a Whitworth.  As you can see, the gun is in pleasant condition with a considerable amount of original finish.  All components have matching serial numbers to include the barrel, breech plug, lock plate, hammer, stock, trigger guard, barrel bands, nose cap and the rear sight.  The ramrod is the original rotating head scraper and it is for the .57 caliber bore.  The front sight is a rectangular post and the rear sight is a modified Enfield type with platinum line.  The lock does not have the external safety lock for the hammer.  The internal components of the lock are reminiscent of a standard Enfield layout, however the lock was made by Joseph Brazier and the components are finely finished in the extreme.  The top of the barrel behind the rear sight is marked Whitworth Patent.  The left rear of the barrel has 26 bore view and proof marks and the serial number D602.  The lock is marked, forward of the hammer, Manchester Ordnance & Rifle Company.  The rear of the lock bears the standard "CROWN OVER W" Whitworth trademark.  The stock is in very nice condition with minimal dents and dings and nice checkering.  The gun has some light rust mingling with original finish and light staining of case hardened parts.  The butt plate has developed a healthy rust with mild pitting from the gun standing in a moist environment.  Overall, the gun is in excellent condition.  While this is the rarest Whitworth long arm I have ever encountered, two or three of these guns have been recorded.  The 26 bore calibration is virtually unheard of and the 39 inch barrel length is the rarest of the Whitworths.  It is, without doubt, an off the scale rarity that has not been fiddled with in any way.  It is untouched and unmolested.  P.O.R.  SOLD!!