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SN 19541

A few years ago, an elderly lady from Greensboro, North Carolina walked into a Charlotte, NC gun shop and wanted to sell this gun with its original holster and belt.  She said she inherited the gun and did not wish to keep it any longer.  The purchaser kept the gun until recently and this is its first exposure to the general market.  It has a previously unrecorded serial number.  The left barrel flat is clearly marked "C. L. DRAGOONS."  The Crocheron's Light Dragoons was a company in the 3rd Alabama Cavalry, which was sometimes referred to as Holloway's Company of Independent Alabama Cavalry.  The unit was raised in Dallas County, Alabama around October 26, 1861.  A prominent Dallas County planter, John J. Crocheron wanted to help support the Southern Cause.  He was 65 years of age, too old for service and had no sons.  He volunteered to purchase the weapons for the unit which became the Crocheron Light Dragoons.  When the guns arrived in Mobile and were purchased, they were all marked CL Dragoons on the left barrel flat in honor of their benefactor.  The company was initially offered to the governor of the state of Alabama for one year's service.  Later, and with some controversy, it went into the service of the Confederate Government.  It provided personal escort and courier service for the commanding general of the Army of Tennessee.  It served in that capacity for General Bragg, General Hood and General Johnston, seeing combat at Shiloh, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Atlanta, etc.  Wherever the Army of Tennessee went, these guys were in the thick of it.  They surrendered at Greensboro, North Carolina, on April 28, 1865.  The fact that the gun stayed in the same area where the unit surrendered is just amazing.  A complete history and in depth discussion of these guns can be found in the January, 1991 edition of The Gun Report.  An in depth article by Walter Anderson is presented therein.

The gun itself is beautiful.  It has a very pleasing, uncleaned patination with minor roughness toward the end of the barrel.  It is 100% authentic with all matching serial numbers, including the cylinder pin, wedge and loading lever.  The grips still retain much of their original varnish and there are light traces of cylinder scene all the way around the cylinder.  It's mechanical function is excellent.  The gun is tight with strong nipples and even the safety pins are still showing on the back of the cylinder.   What is left of the original holster and belt is Confederate.  The flap has been cut off the holster and it has been shortened, but the tab on the front of the holster, where the tip of the flap slipped under it tells us it is an original, period Confederate holster.  The eight inch Colt 3rd Model Dragoon is a rarity in it's own right.  There were only a few hundred of them made.  This one is in an untouched state of condition.  Couple that with the rich history of the unit it served, this gun becomes quite a prize for someone.  P.O.R.  SOLD!!