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The Colt 1849 Pocket with a three inch barrel with loading lever is so rare that none of the price guides can value it.  Most that turn up are probably thought to have been shortened during the period of use.  To properly authenticate one of these guns, the very best source of information is found in the book "Colt's Pocket 49, It's Evolution" by Robert M. Jordan and Darrow M. Watt.  This book is voluminous and complex but it is without question the definitive work on the Colt '49 pocket.  The authors have established how many three inch pockets were made and exactly what serial number ranges they exist in.  They state that only 400 guns were produced and that the survival rate is extremely low.  Probably because the short rammer was simply not practical.  You cannot get enough leverage with the short rammer to seat the ball in the cylinder.  Most users probably wound up beating the rammer with a rock, a stick or some such hammering device.  Needless to say, the guns that weren't discarded as useless, picked up a lot of damage to their loading levers.  The authors indicate that they examined 23 original 3 inch barrel pocket models of which only two still had their original loading levers.  They established four very tight, distinct serial number ranges that these 3 inch barrel guns fall into.  One of those ranges is from 170300 to 171800.  You will note that the gun offered here is serial number 170341, which is inside the range they identified.  You will find pertinent information regarding the details of this gun on pages 74 - 78 of their book.

This gun has a two line New York address with brackets, still retains about 75% of its original cylinder scene and has a light but visible Colt's patent mark on the left frame.  All components have matching serial numbers except the loading lever.  The lever looks good but I suspect it is a replacement.  The barrel catch and front sight placement are correct for the 3" 49 Pocket.  The gun is still tight and functions well.  It has moderate wear on the grips, which are strongly numbered to the gun in India ink.  Only about ten or fifteen percent  of  the silver plate remains on the back strap and trigger guard.  The iron parts of the gun have a very nice, smooth, light patination which reveals moderate wear and no disfiguring pitting.  The gun has been dropped on it's muzzle and it is dented, flaring the front edges of the barrel.  It is an authentic three inch barrel Pocket, with rammer which is an extremely rare variation of a Colt Percussion Pistol.  SOLD!!